How to maintain the rechargeable treasure

2018-04-13 21:45:16 7

Maintain small knowledge

No matter mobile phone or other battery electric appliances, battery maintenance is very important. The loss of the battery and the length of life depend on a variety of factors, the quality and capacity of the battery is very important, and the use of the intensity and frequency of maintenance will affect the battery life.


1. avoid bumps, especially be careful not to squeeze. Electric appliances, such as electric appliances, have never been able to touch them, and the mobile power supply is no exception. The small rechargeable treasure is actually a complex electric device that can break the elements at any time, especially if some people like to put the mobile power in the seat, or put it on the head cabinet, and are pressed by a variety of magazine books. Please note that this is the core that easily damages the mobile power.

2. pay attention to temperature and humidity. It is necessary for everyone to have such experience, if the weather is wet, especially back to the south, the TV set at home is open, the picture will appear a little blurred, the color will be distorted, this is the influence of humidity to the electrical appliances. Of course, the mobile power supply is no exception, so try to avoid storing mobile power in the environment where the temperature and humidity are too extreme. If the weather is more humid, it can be used more frequently and recharge it. This is a good way to protect it.

3. try not to be full without full electricity. This is just like the way of mobile battery maintenance. Mobile phone batteries generally don't advocate interruption when charging is not completed, so is mobile power. Before the mobile power is recharged for the cell phone, first you have to fill the power of the mobile power itself. In this process, try to avoid the interruption of the charge as far as it is finished, because it will also damage its life.